Criminal Defense

The constitutions of both Indiana and the United States guarantee certain rights to all persons, not just those charged with a crime. On those occasions when a person is charged with an act that is alleged to be a criminal act, certain rights may be waived if not asserted early in the particular case.

I have represented individuals charged with murder and attempted murder, burglary, and other serious forcible offenses. I also help people on a very regular basis with matters which are considered misdemeanors, such as operating while intoxicated or driving without a license.

I have been admitted to the practice of law in Indiana for over 20 years. I am also retired from the Indiana National Guard, where I served as a military lawyer as an army prosecutor on deployment from 2004 to 2005. I have participated in proceedings in state, federal, and military courts, and have had the privilege of serving in state court as a judge pro tem.

If you would like to discuss retaining me as your lawyer to help with your case, please contact my office as quickly as possible, as certain offenses may automatically be waived if as I mentioned they are not filed by a specific deadline.